ECO Super Earth Kit For Solar System
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ECO Super Earth Kit For Solar System

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ECO Super Earth Kit

Registering its excellence one more time, JMV has added yet another revolutionary product in its earthing segment – ECO Earthing. The product ECO Super Earth Kit is developed and design on internally approved and accepted technology that has made earthing extremely hassle free like it was never before. The rod uses material of low magnetic conductivity, so it has strong ability to the direct fault current in secondary effect. 

ECO Super Earth Kit is suitable for all types of soils and especially for soil that has terrible geological environmental conditions. The rod is made of alloy material which contains high corrosion resistance. The product has higher product life compare to a conventional or chemical earthing and offers product life of at least 30 years

The chemical attached with the rod has particles with strong abilities of water absorption ability that tightly bond the rod with circumambient soil with great efficiency.

Features and Advantages

  • Made of solid stainless steel.
  • High Performance
  • Excellent Current Carrying Capacity.
  • Easy to install.
  • Competitive Price
  • Stable grounding characters.
  • More than 30 years long life.
  • Ideal for adverse soil condition.
  • Low earthing resistance.
  • Good anti-corrosion.
  • Wide Applications.

Installation Method

  • Augur/Drill/Bore a hole of … approx and keep the depth according to the length of the electrode.
  • Drench the hole with some water.
  • Remove the outer packaging.
  • Place the earth rod into the hole and buried it in the pit upto the connector.
  • Now Pour a few bucket of water around the connector.
  • Connect it with the conductor.
  • Home Electricity Panel.
  • DG Set Earthing.
  • Transformer Earthing.
  • Solar Panel Earthing.
  • CNC Machine
  • Dedicated Machine Earthing
  • Electric Pole
  • Telecom Towers etc.,

Why Earthing is Essential ?

Earthing is an integral part of any electrical system and directly relates to the safety of human life and equipment and can't be ignored at any point in time. In an electrical installation Earthing or grounding is an electrical connection between the exposed metallic parts of an electrical appliance or installation and the earth regard to have an alternative path for leakage of faulty current to flow so exposed conductive part of the appliance does not reach a dangerous level of potential or voltage that endangers the user's life as well as life of the equipment. Our high quality earthing system for buidling, home, office, health etc. are highly appreciated by our customers across the nation for flawless and accurate results. Our fixed Earthing System for DG sets and Panels help start the generator and panels in an effective manner, leading uninterrupted functioning for long hours. Clients can avail these services at the market leading prices.



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